About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile

About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile

About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile

About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile

The first question is Who is Olu Beejay?

Olu Beejay is young Nigerian Graduate, a singer/SongWriter, a Countryside Acoustic Guitarist an Entrepreneur and she is also a Designer. She is the owner of the growing brand @ob_brand_. God used her to birth forth Alter, one of the trending songs Which she released on June 25th year 2020

To the question How old is Olu beejay.

Her Date of birth is 21th March but We currently don’t have full details about that but we will update you as soon as we do.[so subscribe to our Newsletter]

To the Question about the Church she attends;

She attends Redeemed Christian Church of God. She finished at the university of Ilorin as one of the bright students.

She served at Akwa Ibom in Nigeria where she performed different poems and played guitar on different occasion alongside her faithful service for her nation as well as keeping and upholding the standard of God.

After her NYSC she has found herself performed at different places, Churches and even live on TV. Beejah has

To the question of How many songs she an released; Even though she has done many covers of many songs, her first and only officially released single is Alter

Based on her song Alter; she dropped this quote;

I am a broken altar,
Structured with a natural,
Uncut stones,
A heart cemented alone,
An incense burning the sacrifice of mine,
As God sanctify this altar of thine.

And another quote of her is this;

the best form of worship is that which honestly represent your love for God in the way He shaped you

An extra pictures of Olu beejay

About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile

About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile

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About Olu Beejay Biography and Profile


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