Caleb Gordon – Way Too Blessed Ft Kenny Rivers (Mp3, Video and Lyrics)

This song is Way Too Blessed Ft Kenny Rivers by Caleb Gordon, with Mp3, Lyrics and Video

Caleb Gordon - Way Too Blessed (Mp3, Video and Lyrics)

Popular Gospel Music Minister Caleb Gordon Releases a New Song in November, 2021 Titled “Way Too Blessed Ft Kenny Rivers” with Mp3/ Mp4 Download and Lyrics

This Song is an Undiluted Praise Medley that deserves your attention, Available on all digital platforms.

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Way Too Blessed Ft Kenny Rivers Lyrics

Wagwan doggin
Jamaican all over the world
Me got my dog Kenny Rivers
Caleb Gordon on the track
Drop the beat nah man
Phone on do not disturb yeah
I don′t need no bothers
I’m just trying to replenish

My energy with Abba
In the wilderness
Trynna to block out all the noise
Trynna elevate
So I hear up on your voice
I need silent silent silent keep it silence
Devil trying to block would I be writing
Trying me he sending all his tyrants
Trynna kill my vibe, but he missed me

Too blessed even though you dissed me
That says it all about the God I serve
I don′t care the luck that you wish me
Shoot me with artillery
But it won’t even work
Way too blessed to even care
Care about your drama
Way to blessed
To even care care about no paper
Way too blessed To even care
Bout what I’m eating tomorrow
Way to blessed to even care
I′m way too blessed
I just copped the whip no cream
Got faith like mustard seed
No there ain′t no limit on the things that I can do

I know my God he got my back just like a spine as long as I believe
No there ain’t no stopping me wipe these demons off of me
Thoughts in my mind trying to tell me I ain′t great enough
That I can’t do it trynna shut me up
But it won′t work 10 toes down
On the word
I don’t got time to hear yo lies nomore
If you don′t match up
With what my father says about me
Yeah I’m steady swatting lies like mosquitoes
Chillen with the Trinity no amigos
Everywhere I go he go
I hear him telling me though
This ain’t five guys
Ain′t got no time to beef with you
I know the enemy gone try
Try to make a move
But he can′t win

He not the one that created you
I realize the fight is in my thoughts
God promises I catch em Odell Beckham Touch Down
I see the punches of the enemy so vividly
Got me feeling like Ali
The way I bob and weave
Praise the Lord Hallelujah I am Free!!
When I think about my God
He’s been so good to me
All the crazy things he brought me through that′s why I sing
A Kuna Matata my father handle everything Ride or die
He’s the only one who died for me
And still came back to life to ride for me
That is why I′m wayyy tooo blessed

This song is Way Too Blessed Ft Kenny Rivers by Caleb Gordon, with Mp3, Lyrics and Video

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