Download Psalm 150 - Maggy Bam & De Bams [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Download Psalm 150 – Maggy Bam & De Bams [Mp3 + Lyrics]


Download Psalm 150 and video by  Maggy Bam & De Bams with [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Download Psalm 150 - Maggy Bam & De Bams [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Everything on earth will pass away, but God’s word is forever.

God has been gracious to us as he gives us the grace to produce songs continuously. We began this journey of new album production early this year (2020), with Psalm 23, 100, 91, ‘EMEM’: John 14:27, and now, Psalm 150 is here! More singles that will make up the album: ‘Bam Chapter 4’ are yet to come.

Let us allow God’s word dwell in us richly, by learning this beautiful hit song. Please sing it with family, friends and choirs all over the world. We know that God will continue to bless us with his word, so remain blessed.
I am your beautiful sister and friend Maggy Bam (Pst).

Together with the entire Bam’s family and African Women Mega Choir (AWOMEC), We say thank you, thank you and thank you. May the blessings of God Almighty, remain with you and all yours forever. Amen.

Download Psalm 150 Below

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Lyrics of the song

SOLO1: Praise ye the Lord, Praise God in his sanctuary,
praise him in the firmament of his power.
Praise him for his mighty acts, praise him according to his excellent greatness.

CH: You are the same (3x), you never change.
SOLO: Praise him with the sound of the trumpet,
praise him with the psaltery and harp,
Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord.
Praise ye the Lord, oh ye people,
let everything that hath breathe praise the Lord,
praise ye the Lord oh ye nations.

VAMP2: Praise him
Praise him
Praise him
Toro enye, yara anyanya, Toro Jesus edidem,
toro enye yara anyanya, toro Jesus edidem. (RPT CH)
VAMP1: Praise him
Praise him Praise him Praise him
Praise him Praise him
END: Praise ye the Lord
Praise ye the Lord

Video of Maggy Bam & De Bams – Psalm 150


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