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Emmanuel Abu – Kadosh


Kadosh by Emmanuel Abu Mp3 download & Lyrics

Isaiah 6.3 – And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. Isaiah 6.4 – And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke.

Emmanuel Abu - Kadosh

‘”Kadosh” is one of the songs of worship in my forth coming album titled ‘Venison’. It’s a song that mirrors and expresses the above scripture in a more practical way by creating a heavenly atmosphere bringing about divine presence with the feel of worshiping in the company of the elders and the angels bowing down eternally in worship of the Almighty God who can not be defined.

“At this point, we truly lack words to define God or declare in worship of Him. We therefore join the celestial beings by crying out KADOSH KADOSH (HOLY HOLY) is the Lord.

“We are sure that this will be a blessing to you. Kindly share your testimony with us. Shalom!” – Emmanuel Abu

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Lyrics: Kadosh by Emmanuel Abu

Kadosh/3x Adonai

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai
(You are holy, yes you are)

You are holy
You are holy
You are holy
You are holy

Holy God, my God.
Hmmmmm we bow
we call you holy holy holy God

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai
Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai

(We call you holy God)
You are holy
You are holy
You are holy
You are holy (repeatedly)

(You are holy, there is none like you God, there is none like you Lord.
Seated upon the throne
Surrounded with glory and splendor

You are holy holy holy holy God
Heaven and the earth declare your glory glory glory glory Lord.

Kadosh you are holy
You are holy holy Lord
You are holy holy Lord

And I saw the Lord seated upon the throne
And the train of His glory fills the temple
the cherubim’s and Seraphine’s they cry with one voice saying holy holy holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord.
And we join them and say holy holy holy
Holy is the Lord.

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