Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO & Emjoy [MP3, Video]
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Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO and Emjoy (MP3, Video)


Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO and Emjoy (MP3, Video)

Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO & Emjoy [MP3, Video]

Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO and Emjoy mp3 and video

Music Minister – Omobolanle releases brilliant visual effects for her single “Ese Baba”, meaning (Thanks, father); the single is the fifth track on her album – (Salvation and Thanks), released in October 2017. The single Ese Baba is a thanksgiving and thanksgiving song for the greatest gift in the world – Jesus Christ and salvation.

Having given birth to a fifth child in a family of 9 brothers and sisters, Omobolan and her brothers were raised to understand the need to find a goal in life at an early age. Her father, a devout Anglican, and her mother, devout Pentecostals, always made sure their children stayed in church.

She was greatly influenced by the music of such great evangelists as Bebe and Sis Vinance, Bob Fitts, Alvin Sloter, Yolanda Adams, Doupe Olulana, Funmi Aragbaye and many others who played in her house when they were growing up.

From a very young age, Omobolanle played a very active role in the Anglican brigade group of boys / girls, but her older sister was a strong participant in the scriptures and committed herself to singing, which would forever affect her life.

She was very lucky to work and sing along with other famous gospel performers in choirs in Nigeria, USA, and now in Canada as a background, soloist and music director.

Finally, she began to publish many of her previously written songs, which she calls “Heavenly Downloads”, in the public domain, hoping that this would help encourage, heal and, most importantly, bring the lost to Christ.

One of her greatest passions is soul-winning for Christ, as she always says: “I honestly don’t know what could happen to me if Christ’s love didn’t find me, and after I experienced this love why should I hide it from others who have not experienced it? “.

She actively acts as an assistant pastor of the House of Faith Church in Greater Toronto; together with her longtime mentor and music director, they contribute to the annual worship experience labeled “Point of Grace,” the atonement caused by surrender.


Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO and Emjoy (MP3, Video)


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Ese Baba – Omobolanle Ft VEO & Emjoy Video






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Omobolanle Ft VEO and Emjoy

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