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Download: GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics]


Download: GUC Precious [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Download: GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics]

GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics], a brilliant song by Guc who is one of the popular gospel singers with great Lyrics and nice music always rendered with good instrumentals.

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Mp3 download for Precious One by GUC

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Lyrics of the song

Hello precious one;
This song’s for you now
Anytime I think of How you feel
I become more of a
lover than a singer.
I feel how you feel,
but it hurts even more,
To See the tears drop down your face.
I’m nt present but He’s always,
always there with you,
Waiting for your leap of Faith!
Ah ah ah………….

Don’t you cry
Don’t you cry
Don’t you cry precious one,
There’s so much
hope for you if you try;
Don’t you dare drop a tear!
Don’t you cry precious one
There’s so much
hope for you if you try.

Everyday you’re calling Him
He’s not the deaf you think He is
Just pray and believe and you’ll see….
He’s not a man that He should lie
Nor a cheat that breaks your heart
Just believe and you’ll see
That He’s God of all flesh (oh….)

You can trust Him,
You can put Your Hope in the True one,
Your Tears He has seen
Your pains He has seen
He has seen how you cry at night
He has seen it all
He has seen how you………

Don’t you cry Johnny
Don’t you cry aha!
Don’t you cry
Just pray and Believe..
Don’t you cry Aunty
Don’t you cry….


Tho you face all you face
You can stand on your own
Tho you’ve seen all you see
You can stand on your own..
Just believe, believe…
If you have a dream,
if you have a life don’t give up now, don’t give up now
If you have a dream and a life…..


Download: GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics]

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Download: GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics]

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Download: GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics]


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Download: GUC Precious One [Mp3 + Lyrics]

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