Based on the Happenings around the world, I am here to share with my fellow Christians, what “HERESIES IN THE CHURCH” is.

Do we really have the freedom to make choices of our own? Agreeably we surely do, we are free to believe whatever we choose to believe. Can we also say we all have different perceptions toward a subject matter? Yes we do! Our reasoning ability divers.

These are some of the several reasons why the church of Jesus Christ now have heretic teachings. Heresy can be defined as the deviation from the general believe or doctrine of a religious sect.


The early church experienced the wave of heretic teachers who almost swayed Christians away from their faith.

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Examples of HERESIES IN THE CHURCH i.e early church include;

Heresies in the Church on: The Judaizers

who attempted to knot paradoxes and scriptures together. They did not consent with the Apostles teachings that gentiles are blessed with faithful Abraham by mere believing in Jesus without the works of the law.

The church in Jerusalem addressed this issue and dispute the Judaizers teachings “Acts 15”,

Apostle Paul also disagreed with this teaching in his letter to the Galatian church, warning them sternly to not consent to the teaching and be circumcised.

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Heresies in the Church on: The Gnosticism;

The common and current form of this is “Docetism”. The Docetism hold on to the philosophy that all physical matter are evil, whereas everything that exist in the spirit realm are good.

The idea of God manifesting in the flesh is therefore a mere illusion to this sect, because God is good, manifesting physically will make Him evil.

Although, they believe in the God of the Jews, but do not believe God manifested as human. Arguably one can assume

Apostle John (the beloved) was addressing this sect in his first epistle; “by this you know the spirit of God, every spirit that confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God”1 John 4:2.

This generation also have it taste of erroneous teachings and teachers, many of them who address Christians’ dressing, communications, offerings and tithes among others.

They instruct Christians ondos’ and don’t, they even tryto enslave their listeners’ mind and deny them of their freedom in Christ.

Ideally, there should be unveiling of new revelation, new teachings and new doctrines as regarding the teaching of the gospel in churches.

How then can we know if a new teaching or doctrine is not erroneous, how can we know if it is safe to adopt a new doctrine?

For instance, there are several teachings on tithing, some Christians say it’s an obsolete practice whereas some others say it is relevant and should be done by all Christians, how do we know who is right and who is wrong?

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Christmas Celebration

Another example is celebrating Christmas, some believe it is a modified pagan festival in the worship of the Baal god and also of Moloch or Molech, while some other Christians see nothing wrong in celebrating it.

The after life experience is also of a great concern among Christians of different denominations and doctrines.

Even though we all read the same bible (of different versions anyways), but it seems we all have different believe about the afterlife experience.

Some believe Christians who believe in Jesus can end up in hell, some others do not believe this, some even believe in forgiveness of sins afterlife.

Moreover, It is unavoidable not to have heretic teaching amidst all these believes.

Any doctrine or teaching that cannot be supported by more than two scriptures can be an erroneous teaching.

A more profound way of detecting an erroneous teacher is to observe if an individual is giving a personal interpretation to the scripture, “knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation” 2 Peter 1:20 (KJV).


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