Hymn - Ema Se Beru Ekun Fun Ayo

Hymn – Ema Se Beru Ekun Fun Ayo

Hymn - Ema Se Beru Ekun Fun Ayo

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The new songEma Se Beru Ekun Fun Ayo” from Hymn, will Surely Bless Your Life

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Lyrics of Ema Se Beru Ekun Fun Ayo from Hymn (VOB, CAC choir,)

Jesu ni Balogun oko
E mase je ka foya
Olutoko wa ni Jesu Y’o mu oko wa gunle


E ma se beru
E kun fun ayo
Nitori Jesu l’oga oko
Bo ti wu k’iji na le to
Y’o mu oko wa gunle

Eyin ero t’o wa l’oko
E kepe Jesu nikan
K’e si gbeke yin le Jesu
Y’o mu oko wagunle

Olugbala ‘wa toro Re
Mu igb’omi pa roro
Iwo t’o rin lori omi
T’o sun, beni ko si nkan

Kil’ ohun to nba yin leru
Eyin omo ‘gun Kristi
Bi Jesu ba wo ‘ nu oko
Awa y’o fi ‘gbi rerin

‘Gbati ‘gbi aye yi ba nja
Lor’ okun ati n’ile
Abo kan mbe ti o daju
Lodo Olugbala wa

Lowo kiniun at’ ekun
Lowo eranko ibi
Jesu y’o dabobo Tire
Jesu y’o pa Tire mo

Metalokan Alagbara
Dabobo awa omo Re
Lowo a’tegun ati ‘ji
Je k’awa k’ alleluyah

Ogo ni fun Baba loke
Ogo ni fun Omo Re
Ogo ni fun Emi Mimo
Metalokan l’ope ye.

Jesus is is the Captain of the ship
Fear not, ‘am always with you
Jesus is the Pilot of the ship,
Fear not, I’m always with you.


Fear not my brethren
All rejoice always
Jesus is the Captain of the ship
How great turbulent can the storm be
He’ll make our ship land safely.

All ye people inside the ship,
Beckon on Jesus only,
Trust thou only in Jesus Christ,
He’ll make our ship land safely.

Jesus Saviour with Thy great words,
Commands the storm to be still,
Jesus Christ who walked on the storm,
He sleeps and there is no foe.

What are your great anxieties,
All you thou Jesus’ army
If Jesus Christ is in the ship
We shall all laugh at the storm.

When the storm of life rages high,
Over the land and the sea,
There’s a great safe home with Him above,
With my Jesus the Saviour.

From the mouth of lion and the wolf,
From the dangerous animals,
Jesus will save all His children
And keep them all safely home.

God, Three in One and the Saviour,
Preserve us all Thy children
From the storm of life and temptations,
Halleluyah’ll be our praises.

About Jesus The Revivalist

Hymn makes it Known that Worship is reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power also : an act of expressing such reverence.  A form of religious practice with its creed and ritual. An extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem worship of the dollar.

Praise as a form of social interaction expresses recognition, reassurance or admiration. Praise is expressed verbally as well as by body language (facial expression and gestures). Meanwhile, the two powerful Elements of good Music is well finds an expression in the Song.

Finally, The Composition and the Performance of this song is out of the heart that Understands the Nature of God and the Mighty Works, God is doing presently.

Read through Psalm 145: I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.

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