KB - King Jesus {Pt II}
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KB – King Jesus {Pt II}


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KB - King Jesus {Pt II}
King Jesus {Pt II} Mp3 Download, Lyrics, Video & Mp4

Talented Gospel Music Minister KB Releases His New Single Titled “King Jesus {Pt II}“. The Song is Available on All Digital Music Platforms for Streaming & Download.

“King Jesus {Pt II}” Is a Song Released By the Popular Music Minister Intended to Bless Many Lives, Insured With Nice Sound and Instrumental.

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“King Jesus {Pt II} Lyrics” by KB

Yes Lord
I got King Jesus
I got King Jesus

Run it back
Y’all ready

K to the 2nd
The rapper the reverend
They started with Jesus but we never (Ooo)
I’m from the trenches, they write with the FN
The guns are drawn ain’t doing no sketches
Me and Ameen Was preaching the King
This dude was aggrieved and pulled out a weapon (Southside)
Ameen looked over to me and said
We ain’t finna leave like what they gon’ send us to heaven
Taking the (Wooh)
Mountain for God ain’t no question
I brought the loaves and fishes
He multiplied it all and two thousand ate (Yea)
That’s miracles in the recession
Trappers respect it
The Cappers ejected
Don’t need no election go look at the throne
I spell His name with 4 letters no better
The lamb and the lion is also the G.O.A.T

I got His heart
Like it’s right in my pocket
I’m 4 pockets full but I’m not with Lil Baby
That Bible gone hit every time it’s gone save me
No time to be lazy cause He on the way back
This flow be so smooth like I’m riding a Maybach
Don’t trigger my mans cause you know we don’t play that
My life been unstable
No Cain I was Abel
Remember them days we wasn’t having no cable
I switch up the label some mad I’m Christian
They want some attention it’s creating tension
Was jumping them fences headed to detention
Oops I mean the pen the way that I was living
Y’all still tripping
Only want the mention
Only want the follow
They don’t want the Father

And I got King Jesus
Some ofthese folks probably got amnesia
Cause I don’t remember seeing you dying on the cross
How you gon’ say that you know and you ain’t never met me
Excuse me lil boy are you lost? (Don’t say that)
Somebody seem a little judgy and that’s a lil crazy
Cause you don’t even know what that cost (That’s crazy)
Some of these folks got a heart full of ice
Can I get an autograph you the real Jack Frost (Jack frosty)
I’m still showing love by the way
They try and drag your name through the mud everyday
I’m tryna make a move every time the King say and not Simon say
The kid at play
It’s a house party at the heaven’s gates baby at the end of the day
So you can’t be late
I woke up in the morning if you did that too
You better put your hands up if you can relate!

I’m starting off when the bass drop
I’ma praise God, so if they stop
Rocks ain’t crying out for me
And I’m something like A.I
Cause if they try go and lock any door man I got the key (The answer)
Took all my burdens and gave them to God
He said that ain’t no problem to me
They probably thinking I blew on His chair
I’m an heir to the throne, I’m a child of the King
Okay, watch how I pivot
Like Jordan and Pippen
He died on the cross, but I know that He’s risen
Did all of that sinning
Now they’ve been forgiven
He gave me this gift, like He tying a ribbon
Brighten my path like sunlight
Beating this beat like Drum line
As long as I got King Jesus
Yea I know I did sum’ right

Lets take em to the Motherland

Awww yea

Omo we go dey, okay
Yes we gon’ be okay
All of the times that I banked on You
You been full ground like Bam bam
I don cast all my fears oh
I no get e regret oh
You give the assurance I’ve longed for
As long as I’ve got King Jesus

Conquered all for me
I put my faith in Jesus Lord my King
Nobody like You
You walked the earth no sinning
Died, resurrect, I’m winning
I’ve got all I Need

As Long as I’ve got King Jesus
Oh we
You Know that I’m not loosing
I am winning
As long as I’ve got king Jesus
You know that
I’m not losing
I am winning


Long As I got King Jesus

You’re my King yea
You’re my King
Yea you’re my King
Yea you’re my King
You’re my King
My King


Ayo KB hold up
Hold up
Ya tu sabes como hacemos las cosas
Latino America, República Dominicana, Cuba, PR
Tommy Royale Zumba

Damas y caballeros llegue yo sin avisarles
Espero que no estoy tarde
El trabajado delseñor lo estoy haciendo y es con Cardec
Y no le vamos a bajarle
KB mando la pista dijo avanza estamos tarde
Ayer ya tuve que entregarle
La voces pa este tema baby vamos a cantarle
Al quien nos bautizó con sangre
Basta, dime baby qué pasa
Hay que mezclar la pasta si no se amongoya y ya se molestó la casa
Y yo vestido de grasa
Y ahora soy chef Gusteu y eso que yo empecé con nada
Baby nada baby
Nothing turn to something
Y es por gracia y no por money
Buscando rio de honey
Nada nuevo Babylon (y)
Con más hielo que Marconi
Si esto es hockey pues soy goalie
Gracias mi Dios tu eres mi Piedra como Onyx

Jesus El Rey
Je…Jesus El Rey
Je…Jesus El Rey
Je…Jesus El Rey
Jesus El Rey
Je…Jesus El Rey
Je…Jesus El Rey
Je…Jesus El Rey

King Jesus my code
WEARETHEGOOD them boys so cold
Mon come through and I brought my bro’s
HGA that’s how I’m clothed
3 for 3 or 4 for 4
Lynn told me that ya boy went gold
But I don’t really care about numbers though
Cause They still lie but He still Lord
I ain’t gotta save no face
This is saving faith
I can play no hate
You gon’ have to face His face
Better save the date
I’m tryna pave the way
They gon’ need a great awake
It’s Amazing grace
Favorite place
Raisen graves
Where Daisey lay
Yea the Greatest praise to Savior
It’s just facts on the kids
You given praise to the universe and the universe look at you like chill
You given praise to the universe and the universe ain’t got no Will
You given praise to the universe and the universe and the universe given praise to Him
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Look as long as I got King Jesus I don’t wanna hear no talking uh
Big face looking all awkward
This day give Grace you ain’t gonna hear no chorus
This that missional talk and switch plates
Independent you know that I got no deal
Covid about but I cut through customs still
S on drill better know that it’s not no mmm

Son of Man ain’t no hologram mm
This that mm like Hollow Mmm
This that flow that will get them talking
Their facedistorted all of that true
All of that talk is cheap I want more if you talk to me
I’m from a place where you walk the streets is peak this ain’t Dawsons creek nah
Still get deep come from the school of AFG better watch and pray
Girl on the road with her face on beat but the Rambo long like stock exchange uh
Nothing gonna stop that thing
Lil bro told me they killed his homey now he wanna rise and cock and bang
You know when it’s not no games oof
Gotta tell em’ about Jesus still
The King who dies and heals you know who it is when he’s out on the field let’s keep it real
I don’t wanna burn no sage
Didn’t I tell you my King don’t play
Turn the page read all about his works and you know there’s gonna be change

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