Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades and Lyrics

Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades


Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades

Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades and Lyrics

Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades

The contemporary Christian pop jam is infused with elements borrowed from the acoustic and folk genres, likened to the soulful sounds of pop icon Adele and the smoothness of some of her musical influences such as Solange, Emeli Sande, Jill Scott and India Arie.

Accolades is an expression of complete surrender, shunning the idea of measuring self value and the value of others by achievements, thus resisting the desire to prove ones worth in the same manner.

We live in a world where achievements are everything. Society classifies us and measures our worth and importance by what we have achieved and how prominent our names are.

In my journey of learning to remove myself from the need to achieve, I learnt the value of nothingness, that nothingness is not necessary a depiction of your state of affairs, but rather the posture of your heart. However, sometimes we are positioned in a place of physical nothingness in order for the true posture of our hearts to be tested. In order for the unwanted rubble to come to the surface and be removed. In order for us to come to the realization of what truly matters and walk in our authentic purpose.

Cya Kambi is currently working on her first EP which is set to release towards the end of 2020.

The EP will be released alongside a film and visual art expression of her spiritual Journey, depicting the highs and lows and coming to the point of authentic conviction, as opposed to mere religious expression.

She looks forward to a long career in music and media production with more great sounds like Accolades.
Q: What do you enjoy most about writing music?
A: I find that music is an effective way of sending a message and influencing ideas, because it
needs no permission to enter the soul realm.
Q: What would you like your music to achieve?

A: I want to influence a culture of introspection and truth telling, to self, to others and to God so
we can have an authentic expression and experience of ourselves and God.
Q: Why gospel?
A: Christ is the centre of my being and my context for everything, I have no truth outside of Him
because I was created in Him.
Q: What is different about your music.
A: I believe that the gospel is the good news. I cannot tell you any good news that I don’t know
personally, So I tell my story, that alone is different. I express Christ through what I have lived, the mistakes and the grace, the darkness and the light.

Mp3 download for Accolades by Cya Kambi

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Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades

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Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades

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Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades


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Mp3 download Cya Kambi Accolades

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