My Bruddas - Dee-1 x 1K Phew x Aha Gazelle
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My Bruddas – Dee-1 x 1K Phew x Aha Gazelle (Download Mp3 & Lyrics)


American Gospel Music Minister Dee-1 Releases a refreshing New Song Titled “My Bruddas feat 1K Phew x Aha Gazelle” with Mp3/ Mp4 Download and Lyrics

This Album is an Undiluted Praise Medley that deserves your attention, Available on all digital platforms for free download.

My Bruddas - Dee-1 x 1K Phew x Aha Gazelle

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Lyrics: My Bruddas – Dee-1 x 1K Phew x Aha Gazelle

[Intro: 1K Phew]
What time it is? Like, like 12, 12, 1 (JayBoskie)

[Verse 1: 1K Phew]
Just touched down in Minnesota, but ain’t none small about this pop
When I thought it was gon’ be over, I told my mama that I won’t stop
Had some problems at the bottom and now I’m solving ’em up top
Made a lot of my potnas change, instead of watching them on Cops
I came a long way from trying to rob the candy lady, sorry Ms. Jackie
We was working hard for them snacks, every time I got with my dogs, it was shaggy
Now I’m finally getting no sleep without tryna find a plug for them Addies
I ain’t wanna keep dodging bullets, tryna put a hole in one with no caddy
Four years is what they gave Lil Polo, sadly
I don’t know why he robbed them folks, but he taking it like a soulja if you ask me
Only rеason he still sitting in there is ‘causе they sang on him like Raz B
But it’s crazy how he kept it too solid while the church folks back stabbed him
They’ll judge you just for walking on the grass too fast, kinda like Stanley
Why they don’t wanna see all the gangstaz come and get saved? ‘Cause they too manly?
Why you sitting there looking like a deer stuck in them headlights? What you, Bambi?
That’s why I keep the armor of God around me when I’m in the water like Sandy

[Verse 2: Aha Gazelle]
I come from the swamp, so sometimes I act like an Ogre
And I guarantee when the sun go down, she gon’ change like Fiona
Had to learn to hide my pain, been wearing masks before the ‘Rona
Tryna hop up in that water, you gon’ find out that you Jonah
I come in beating on my chest, I thought I told ya, I’m a soulja
I thought the drugs would numb the pain, but it just made me colder
I guess my body temperature the same as all they shoulders
I thought I knew it all when I was young, but I got older
[Verse 3: Dee-1]
Gotta know your name, your background, and your story before we meet
If I don’t know where your Momma stay, can’t let you know where I sleep
When my gut told me, “Don’t trust ol’ girl,” I should’ve took heed
She friendly with too many dudes and that ain’t what I need
Was a trench baby, now I got trust fund money for my lil’ seed
My Grandma died last year, but I still hear her voice in my sleep
When I signed my deal, I bought three cars and gave them to my potnas
Kept riding around in my hoopty, man, I love being modest
Man, I love being Godly, I’m a rebel, plus I’m rowdy
In my section they be catching Shmurda charges like a hobby
And I been going through hella storms, but handle them like Kyrie
Irving, ’cause I’m swerving, passed them even when they foul me
We the big three, Phew and Aha, they beside me
All my circles linked together, kinda an Audi
Only way that I survived the trenches: God allowed me
That’s why I say His name on every song and do it proudly

[Refrain: Aha Gazelle]
And it’s just me and all my bruddas
Me and all my bruddas
Me and all my bruddas, same Father, different mothers
I got love for all my bruddas
Through the mud, Harriet Tubman
We the same when we in public
We ain’t changing for no money, them my bruddas
Solid as they come, yeah, them my bruddas
All I know is hustle through the struggle with my bruddas
Keep that thang on shuffle, ’cause you never know what’s coming
Even when my life was bummy, they didn’t judge me, them my bruddas
[Outro: Aha Gazelle]
My bruddas
My bruddas
My bruddas
My bruddas
My bruddas
My bruddas
Them my bruddas

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