John Olumayowa - Na You Ft Doow (Mp3 and Lyrics)

Na You John Olumayowa Ft Doow (Mp3 and Lyrics)


Na You John Olumayowa Ft Doow (Mp3 and Lyrics)

Na You John Olumayowa Ft Doow (Mp3 and Lyrics)


Na You John Olumayowa Ft Doow (Mp3 and Lyrics)

Olumayowa John is here again with another overwhelming single, Titled, Na You

“Only You can do what nobody can do, only You can make a way when there is no way, only You can change what nobody can change… Singer-songwriter Doow also makes sure his featuring credit is worth it as he jumps on the second verse and does justice. Singing with witty lyrics like “…come join me spend this favour cash” before switching his delivery to Yoruba.

Enjoy the song!!!

Na You John Olumayowa Ft Doow (Mp3 and Lyrics)




Lyrics of Na You By John Olumayowa Ft. Doow

Somebody make some noise
God Na You
Nobody fit do wetin You dey do
Everybody sing
Na You

Na You o 4x
[Verse 1]
Only You can do
What nobody can do
Only You can make way
Where there is no way
Only You can change
What nobody can change

Only You can move
The immovable mountains
Lord I give You the praise,
Give You the glory give You the honour

Na You John Olumayowa Ft Doow Lyrics

Aye mi Dara o
Morire gba lodo re o
You are Alpha and Omega
Beginning and End
I will always praise You
Because You change my status
Na You 4x

[Verse 2]
You lift me up when I was so down, You gave me life holding my right hand
Now I can shout, flex,  bless others
Come join spend this favour cash
Checking where I come from I no fit get this far
Day to day I try my best
But my best couldn’t help me out
Oro gbenu adelebo sewa ah
Alagbada ina baba baba aa agba
NA You dey blow mind,
con  turn my life around ehehehehe NA You Oooh oh na You

You be my Jehovah, my provider
You Are the Awesome God
I’ll dance and lift You high 3x
Na You o 5x
Na You

Na You o

Na You Lyrics by John Olumayowa Ft Doow

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