Olubunmi – God is Ready


“God is Ready” is the latest music offering from international gospel music minister and worship leader, Olubunmi.

The soul-stirring song radiates a sort of warmth and comfort to the listener.
Sometimes, you just need a reminder that everything will be alright, and that whatever you are going through will pass. Instead of feeling upset or fazed by situations and circumstances — no matter how big or small— this song reassures listeners that “God is ready” and encourages us to trust Him with all our hearts.

The song was produced by award-winning music producer, Sunny Pee. Without further ado, hit the download button below and be blessed by this masterpiece.

Olubunmi - God is Ready

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God is Ready lyrics

Written by Olubunmi

When God is ready to bless somebody
No power nobody can stand in his way

When God was ready to remember Hannah
The noise of Peninah could not stop God’s blessings
God gave Hannah a son not an ordinary son
God gave Hannah a prophet
Not an ordinary prophet
A prophet that his word never fell to the ground

Nobody remembers the sons of Peninah
But up until today we are still talking about prophet Samuel

That is why when you are going through your wildness experience
Don’t let the words of men take you out of the presence of God

When God is ready to bless somebody
No power nobody can stand in his way

He brought Mephibosheth out of Lodebar
He’s doing the same for me

He surprised those who left Obed-Edom to die
He’s doing the same for me
He changed the very life of brother Jephthah

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