Prinx Emmanuel - Amayanabo

Prinx Emmanuel – Amayanabo

Prinx Emmanuel - Amayanabo

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The new song, Amayanabo (Afrobeat worship session) by Prinx Emmanuel, will Surely Bless Your Life

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Lyrics of Amayanabo (Afrobeat worship session) by Prinx Emmanuel

Nobody Go fit Wear
Your Show
Nobody fit do wetin You do
Nobody be Your Class Mate oh
After You Baba say na You
Baba, Papa, Papa
Yu dey carry me Like tata tata
Blessing is Opor jabarata

make I call You the names wey
My Mother Like to dey call You
Amayanabo (Meaning King)
Fia fia temebo (Meaning The Holy One)
Kiri yanabo (Creator)
so na cri na te me bo (Mkaer of the Universe)

Chukwu (God)
Nobody Fit do me like You do
For My Bole na you weh add the sauce
Even when you busy you dey Pick my call
Shawn (salute) for the boss

Heyss nobody fit Challenge
Nobody fit try to question
Anything you say
If the ebemies dey bala bala
You go set ablaze
Only you legit
Na ni gi kian ge fe fe (Only You we’ll serve)

Oh My Lord
You talk say
If I want to enter make
I juset dey por por
If I never belle fuu
You dey gimme more more
If I get e headache you be Paracetamol

When I call You no dey Lock Up
Enemies dey cap careless You dey tell shut Up
As I don enter Your Motor
I no get Bus stop
For the Cupboard
Many better don dey surplus
You dey for me
na you be shamah mah
You dey spray me Your Love Like ratata
I dey throway salute
I dey salama
When You talk no be false
Like fa la na

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About Amayanabo (Afrobeat worship session)

Prinx Emmanuel makes it Known that Worship is reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power also : an act of expressing such reverence.  A form of religious practice with its creed and ritual. An extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem worship of the dollar.

Praise as a form of social interaction expresses recognition, reassurance or admiration. Praise is expressed verbally as well as by body language (facial expression and gestures). Meanwhile, the two powerful Elements of good Music is well finds an expression in the Song.

Finally, The Composition and the Performance of this song is out of the heart that Understands the Nature of God and the Mighty Works, God is doing presently.

Read through Psalm 145: I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.

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