Timi Phoenix Tales Untold (Audio Book)
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Timi Phoenix Tales Untold (Audio Book)


Timi Phoenix Tales Untold (Audio Book)

Timi Phoenix Tales Untold (Audio Book)

Timi Phoenix Tales Untold (Audio Book)

Tales Untold is an insight into the ministrative journey of the author, Timi Phoenix. He expounds on spiritual experiences, unshakable beliefs, and divine inspirations on the nature and role of a music minister; exposing secrets on how to thrive without struggling as a gospel singer.

“This is my open letter to every artiste in the Gospel Music Ministry/entertainment world. This Epistle is a written reflect of what information has done to me.

What information can make out of the life of a man is enclosed in pages of the books of lives of several individuals that are ahead in time (in other words… experienced persons). Have you ever heard of a saying that goes “there is nothing new under the sun”? Well this exempts You! You have an opportunity to live and write a story that will make a huge difference in the lives of people everyday!

Timi Phoenix said Making Impact starts with telling a true story of what that can inspire or spark up the change you desire! It does not matter, how much you know. Always give room for more information… this might make a difference in your entire journey and make life easier for the generation to come if there’s eventually is any other after us!”

Sit back and enjoy. meanwhile you might be helping a gospel music minister by sharing.

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E-Book Soft Copy Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=78859124449996517162

Facebook: Timi Phoenix

Twitter: @Timi_Phoenix

Instagram: @timiphoenix

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