Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana


Top 10 Gospel singers -Musicians in Ghana

Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Top 10 Gospel singers – Musicians in Ghana

we provide you with current highly recognized Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Several gospel singers Exist, and this Musicians are doing great and form an indelible status which one can call them blessings to the body of Christ across the world and I must say Ghana is blessed with such hardworking, talented new generation of gospel musicians, and we are blessed to have them lift our spirits up with their songs.

In this article, we will bring to you the top 10, highly patronized (in terms of events and music), highly respected, very talented, and also very popular gospel musicians we currently have in Ghana. Though this might come from ‘a viewpoint’ in it’s submission, to a large extent we cannot disagree entirely with the role these ones play in pushing the Ghanaian gospel music to other parts of the world.

Every now and then, new faces in the gospel scene pop up and we must all admit that the gospel industry is much more vibrant than it used to be. Regardless of serving God spiritually with their gifting, whereby each of them has unique calling and purpose, there is a healthy competition or better still the desire to do more in all of them.

Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana

Here below are some of the list

1. Joseph Oscar Mettle

Joe-mettle-Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Joseph Oscar Mettl, the only Gospel artist to receive the prestigious VGMA Artist of the Year Award, has become a household name when it comes to gospel music in Ghana. He has five Oscar albums, including the recent Wind of Rebirth album. Joe continues to make great strides in spreading the Ghanaian Gos-pel to the world market. Joe has received several awards both at home and abroad.

His song “Bo noo ni” is still one of his most popular hits and has been watched by more than 10 million streams on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify during this time. “My Everything” is one of his very popular and inspirational singles released in “Wind of Revival” in 2019. Afrobeat Jam gave the world the opportunity to see Joe’s versatile side in the approach to music.


Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana

Diana Antwi Hamilton


Diana Antwy Hamilton over the years has established itself in her musical career as one of the best and most permanent in Ghana. She earned love and attention for her ministry thanks to her unique and impeccable work both on stage and in studio work.

UK-based VGMA Gospel Artist of the Year has never stopped gathering thousands of people before God for worship at her flagship concert, “Experience with Diana.” Her latest single. W’asem, although not as common as Mo ne Yo, is still very popular in Ghana.

Celestine Donkor

CELESTINE-DONKOR-NGMA-Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Celestine Doncor has become one of the best gospel musicians currently in Ghana. Besides the fact that she really pushed herself with painstaking work to win the admiration of the general public, her song ‘Agbebolo’, played by young Nhiraba Gideon, greatly contributed to this success. ‘Agbebolo’ has been nominated on many Award platforms and has subsequently won some of these awards. The most recent is the Gospel Artist of the Year at NGMA’19.

Celestine also has a great collaboration called Big with one of Nigeria’s top fans, Steve Crown, who has also attracted the attention of people in Ghana and Nigeria.

Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana

Ohemaa Mercy

Ohemaa-Mercy Top gospel singers in Ghana 2020

Ohemaa Mercy, as the mother and mentor of many evangelical musicians in Ghana, is highly regarded and revered by many in Ghana. Despite the fact that recently it is not so important for the production and release of music, its influence in the gospel fraternity is unparalleled. Ohemaa always blesses life with the Tehillah Experience, which usually takes place in August each year.

The concert of worship and rebirth, which patronizes to a large extent, in fact, becomes more and more every year with manifestations and testimonies. At her annual concert in 2018, world-famous American gospel singer Juanita Binum hosted a powerful ministry.

Ohemaa has 6 albums in her name. Her first album, Adamfo Papa, released in 2004, received the Discovery of the Year award at the GMA, receiving several awards for subsequent albums. Her newest latest album is Aforebo. Watch Ohemaa Mercy live on Tehillah 2019.

Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana


MOG Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana

Without a doubt, over the past few years, Pastor Nana Yo Boakye-Yiad, commonly known by the pseudonym MOG, has become the master of the Gospel. Although MOG was in the ministry for some time with two solid albums, many believed that his popularity, even for the general public, was made possible thanks to his hit “Be Lifted”.

A well-known artist with so many nominations on outstanding award platforms, including some awards, is a source of praise and worship, which is also good when it comes to Urban Gospel music. Other songs, such as Elohim, Hallelujah, and others, also became publicly available and became corporate worship songs.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Daughters-of-Glorious-Jesus Top gospel musicians in Ghana 2020

Studying gospel music for more than thirty years, daughters have become a source of inspiration for many young and young gospel performers, even for mass gospel acts. Many testified that they had grown up listening to their music, and summing up that the influence or influence of their more than thirty years of service with twelve albums cannot be overlooked.

Although their name is Daughters, they are mothers and grandmothers for some gospel performers. The daughters of the Glorious Jesus do not stop, they developed with their music to match the current generation with the same unchanging messages of Christ. Check out their latest release, Y’aseda Dwom, earlier in 2020.

Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana


Akesse Brempong Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana 2020

The man nicknamed “Akesse The Lion” has been proving his worth in the main field of reggae, ragga or afrobite of the gospel all these years, and the name “Leo” is ideal as a result of his high demonstration of energy when he reaches the stage of fulfillment.

Not only is he limited to the reggae subgenre in gospel music, but he is also very versatile to try local worship and modern worship songs. We all remember Spontaneous Worship 1 and 2.

Akesse is largely known for his hit “Crazy Love”, which he later performed in the Afrobeat version with Bernard Franklin. “God works”, “No Weeds”, “Hosanna to the King” – these are some songs from the thief in reggae style that we cannot forget.


ceccy-twum Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana 2020

A graceful and beautiful gospel singer creates such a wonderful balance between local indigenous worship and modern worship. The singer provides a platform for worship through her annual Golden Worship, which gathers believers who are eager to worship.

Over the years of its existence in the Gospel, Ceccy also grew up in her ministry and became a surname known as “Adom Bi”, “Me Nyame Aye Vi”, “Di Vo Hen and Joe Mettle” and others.


Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana


Koda-Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana 2020

Kofi Ovusu Dua Anto, an evangelical musician from Tadi, an experienced music producer, song arranger and songwriter. KODA has worked with most modern gospel artists in Ghana. Let me say this, KODA has somehow contributed to some of the modern gospel hit songs in Ghana, either through the production or arrangement of the songs.

His song “Hosanna” from the album “Hosanna Live” amazed many, as in many churches it became an ordinary anthem with its irresistible dance attribute.


joyce-blessing Top 10 Gospel Musicians in Ghana

An award-winning gospel singers with several single hits and is admired by her fans. The singer, dubbed “unbreakable,” has proven to everyone that when it comes to her back on stage, accompanied by high energy consumption, she is one of the best.

The former recipient of Zylofone Music transferred the traditional life to another. rhythm level, adding to her songs an elevated dance and the pace of afrobit. You can feel it in such songs as “I turned”, “Adam Nana”, “Repent” and others.

Joyce has received several awards both locally and elsewhere, and no doubt she is a force in the gospel music industry.

Top 10 Gos-pel singers – Musicians in Ghana







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