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TY Bello Africa Your Weapon Is Love [Mp3 +Lyrics + Download]


TY Bello Africa Your Weapon Is Love [Mp3 +Lyrics + Download]

Africa Your Weapon Is Love by TY Bello [Mp3 +Lyrics + Download]

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And i saw
The Heavens Open
And an eagle came
out of the Heaven
And landed on the earth of Africa
And and the wind from the eagles wings blew
On the earth.
It blew with a drought, and a famine and a Hunger
And then sickness and then Thirst
And as the Eagle Landed on the earth
It bring flats and more
And the winds of the street blew on the land
And then it took of And then in its place rose a Lion
So the Lion rises Africa Rises
Africa rises Africa rises

And this is what God says
You were taught by your ancestors
To Love your neighbors
And hate the ones that hate you
However i say to you
Love your enemies
Bless the one who causes you
Do something wonderful for the one who hate you
And respond to the one who persecute you by praying for them
For this will reveal your identity

As Children of your father
He is kind to all
By bringing the sun rise to one and bring forth refresh
Whether a person does what is good or evil
For what reward do you deserve if you only Love the lovable
How are you any different from others if you limit your kindness
Only to your friends
Even the Ungodly do that
So Africa Your weapon is Love.



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