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Dax – Battles With Faith Download (Lyrics,Video, Mp3)

Dax - Battles With Faith Download (Lyrics,Video, Mp3)

Based In USA, Popular Gospel Music Minister Dax Releases a New Song in September, 2021 Titled “Battles With Faith” with Mp3/Mp4 Download and Lyrics

This Song is an Undiluted Praise Medley that deserves your attention, Available on all digital platforms.

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Battles With Faith Lyrics

Struggling I’m tryna find my way
Fighting I’m having battles with faith
They criticize me and speak on my name
But perfect’s something I’ll never be

I remember days back as a kids
They was hating saying I was never gonna be nothing dope
They was saying I was never gonna make it
they would try to put me in a headlock had me by the throat
They was a little boi snot nose
Wrong path I was dodging all the potholes
Syndrome they’re diagnosed called Stockholm
Going through hell was walking on the hot coals

Momma said I was a special case
And demons talk to those we cannot replace
That the world was a hell and test of faith
to crown those who would walk to the heavens gates
So I’d sit and wait
Face to face with those who would try
to break my mental state
Then take all the hurt and pain
And paint barbells I’d use just to shoulder w
eight now my strength got people asking like who’s stopping him
We ain’t never seen a nigga this popping
without that garbage that be brainwashing them
So every time I get a chance
I’m bombing the verbal vomit is tik tik toking ’em into a coffin ya 15 seconds is up be Giannis
The bucks you chase couldn’t chip my commas
I digest greats and I paid my homage

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Fuck cheese what I’m spitting is nachos
Niggas didn’t believe I was spitting this gospel
Now they gotta receive take a swig of the hot sauce
Bow and get on their knees ’cause these verses Picasso
I won’t fold yes I got my soul every bar I throw
Is strike I bowl they won’t pin me no I won’t spare or go down the path they chose I’m ‘a bring them home

{Struggling I’m tryna find my way
Fighting I’m having battles with faith
They criticize me and speak on my name
But perfect’s something I’ll never be} 2x

Now I’m a veteran
They didn’t know they was fucking ’round with a specimen
Many men tried to get me but my adrenaline came in
so heavy that I was able to take on 10 of them
Every battle was won I made them irrelevant
The screams loud the cries of men deafening
I told ’em all I was sorry and that I’m heaven-sent
but if I gotta kill ’em then fuck it I’ll go to hell again

Now I’m straight driving it
I see demons pull-up outside to the left and the right tryna get up inside
So I gas every beat and let ’em know what I’m vibing with
Don’t gimme that paper I’m not signing it
I see the evil you niggas ain’t disgusting it
I’m sick with it not talking about sinuses
If they wanna puppet I’m throwing a peace sign to it

Ate the hate then put it the game in reverse
Built a base, engaged and through the flames I emerged
Grabbed the gates of hell to close then turned to devil’s face
and said we are adjourned
Every cell and each and every single nerve in
my body jumped as I began purge
Then I hit and bend and sped around
he curve to the sign that said return back up to earth

Now they haunt me
Can’t get up off me
Waking the people up like some c-c-c-coffee
Devil knows what I’m doing so he trying to stop me
Braking the chains of mental slaves
On path less chose went against the grain
Everybody fucking knows Dax the next to reign
Anybody who oppose burns then heats the flame
throws then seeks the sheep then begin to change

{Struggling I’m tryna find my way
Fighting I’m having battles with faith
They criticize me and speak on my name
But perfect’s something I’ll never be} 2x

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Dax – Battles With Faith Download (Lyrics,Video, Mp3)

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