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The Walls Group – Word


“Word by The Walls Group” is a song from Popular and Talented singer and gospel music minister with Mp3, Lyrics meaning, Mp4 and Video Download

This Song is an Undiluted Praise Medley that deserves your attention, Available on all digital platforms.

This is powerful song with awesome lyrics and quite beautiful instrumental, well crafted by The Walls Group

The Walls Group - Word

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Lyrics The Walls Group – Word

Father, I know you’ll hear me when I call your name
I’m not talking to myself, I know I am not insane
I need some help from You
And I’m facing some problems that I can’t get through
I tried it by myself but it ain’t working
And father I know, I know this one thing’s for certain
That the master of the sea, yeah
Yeah, only He holds the answers that I seek
So father

I need a word from You
Oh, I need a word Jesus
‘Cause my mama and my friends truly will not do, no
Father won’t you speak to me
Oh, help me
‘Cause Yours is the only help I need
(Ooh) Speak to me Jesus
(Ooh) I am quite confused
(Ooh) I don’t know which way to go
(Ooh) I don’t know what to do
(Ooh) I can’t see my way out
(Ooh) Lord, take my hand
(Ooh) ‘Cause I need a word from You

Now God I don’t mean to be rude or selfish
But I have exhausted every resource I have, I just can’t help it
If I could be honest reading Your word, just won’t do
That’s why I’m coming straight to You
See I know that there is something You have for me
Only, only You know what I need
So right here I’ll stand and right here I’ll wait
Till You come down and speak to me

I need a word from You
My mama and her friends they ain’t doing it for me, no
Father, won’t you speak to me
Oh Lord, oh Lord
Only You, only You have the answers that I seek
So, father
(Ooh) Speak to me
(Ooh) I need a word
(Ooh) Speak to my heart
(Ooh) God, I’m here for you
(Ooh) With my heart right open
(Ooh) Ready to receive
(Ooh) What every is that You have for me, oh

Lord, Lord, please
Arms outstretched (Arms outstretched)
(Answer me) Answer me please
And I’ll wait right here, God
Till You come down and speak to me (Speak to me)

Right now Jesus (Speak to me)
Lord, I need you (Speak to me)
Oh (Oh oh oh)
You spoke to Moses (Speak to me) (Yes, You did)
By burning bush (Speak to me)
You spoke to Saul (Speak to me)
On a lonely road (Lord, I need You to)
Lord, You spoke with John (Speak to me)
On an island called Patmos
Speak to me (oh, yes You did)
And oh Lord, all we need right now (speak to me) (All we need right now)
Is a word from You (Lord, I need You to)
Lord, Your word (Lord Your Word) (Speak to me)
Calms all my fears (Speak to me)
Lord, Your word (Lord, Your word) (Speak to me)
Say it so loud in my house, Lord (Lord, I need you to)
Say we need a word from You (I need a word from You)
Oh Jesus, we need a word from You (I need a word from You)
Lord (Lord)
We can’t live without it (I need a word from You)
Can’t move without (no no no no)
Can’t give without it (I need a word from You)
Oh Jesus (Oh oh oh oh)
Is was good enough for my mother (Speak to me) (Yes it was)
It was good enough for my father (Speak to me)
Lord, we need You (Speak to me) (We need You)
Oh, we need You (Lord I need you to)
Come on Jesus (Speak to me) (Come on Jesus)
Jesus (Speak to me)
Jesus (Speak to me)
Jesus (Lord, I need You to)
Oh Jesus (Speak to me)
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh (oh oh oh oh)
Thank you Darrell
Oh, Your word (oh)
We need a word (Need a word from You)

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